• Joi Murugavell (조이 무루가벨)
    Home is where the dog is

  • Code 1573715118
    제조사 BM
    작품사이즈 아트포스터:55.9x68.6cm/이미지:50.8x63.5cm
    작품코드 M3252-4P
  • 액자종류
  • 배송기간 5-10일
  • 작품가격 36,000원
    액자가격 0원
    매트가격 0원
    적립금 720원
    합계가격 36,000원


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About the Artist

Joi Murugavell has been drawing since she was six, her whimsical and hilarious drawings she calls ‘Oodlies' are her means of finding escape and understanding. Her work often investigates the intricacies or as she puts it ‘the trials and tribulations’ of human communication. She favours acrylics, ink, pen, markers and is continually experimenting with new surfaces and ideas ‘because new experiences often create the environment to become ‘unstuck'.  Her heavy introverted tendencies has not stopped her from several live performances, often drawing on a wacom tablet to music, inviting audience participation. She believes a piece is not complete until it’s viewed by an audience who then adds a final coat of interaction and sometimes the most useful friction. She currently works from her quiet studio in Sydney, Australia.